Nell and Nora

test sally

Meet perfectly organized and slightly cynical Nell Lambourgetti.  Quick witted with a dry sense of humor, she is the eyes and ears of an exclusive private school.  Take a peek into her computer and watch how she orchestrates the parents, teachers, kids, and chaos as the ever vigilant school receptionist.   She is the hub for mindless email requests, demanding administrative directives, daily copier malfunctions and even lice patrol.


Nora Dickerson is her nemesis; a much younger, politically astute but disorganized, administrator, charged with keeping parents, students, and advisory board members happy.  While steering clear of the chaos, clutter and confusion of a busy workplace, she dishes out blessings and blame to her staff indiscriminately. Under-educated for her position as assistant principal, she is a self-taught social climber who enjoys hob-knobbing with the rich and famous parents of her cliental.

Please Pardon Our French, but she is a major pain in the ass for Nell; and vice versa!


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