Renee Sauveterre, Author

Renee Sauveterre is a pseudonym.

She is composed of us:  two retired educators with over 120 years of experience as students, parents and teachers!

We may not have seen it all, but we’re pretty sure we have.  That being said we provide this disclaimer.  We are ready to accept, and fully expect some criticism from our peers for writing this book.  So, we took all people, places, and incidents and:

  1. ignored common core standards and rubrics,
  2. scoped and sequenced,
  3. sorted and stapled,
  4. copied and collated,
  5. differentiated,
  6. cut and pasted,
  7. edited and deleted,
  8. corrected and graded,
  9. shredded, and
  10.  threw a bunch of stuff into the round file all in an attempt to hide the innocent and protect the guilty. We even gave ourselves a pseudonym!

Finally, all we can really say in our defense is this: If the shoe fits, wear it!

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